About Us

China Bar

China Bar was first established in the year 1996 as a table service restaurant in the heart of China Town, Melbourne. The concept was conceived by Kevin Chi, one of the most reputable retail food specialists with 28 years experience in the hospitality industry.


The restaurant served the most popular tastes from Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan. They were authentic and reminded the locals of home, with an emphasis on the following food retail principles:

  • Provide high quality authentic meals
  • Provide quick and friendly service
  • Provide Fast food service in a trendy environment
  • Provide easily identifiable menu
  • Provide table service meals at affordable prices
  • Provide attractive design to target specific groups of patrons


A lot of emphasis was laid on serving fresh meals from the first day. China Bar was a place to which people kept coming back, on an everyday basis. Simple dishes, cooked with taste and freshness received immense appreciation. Local blends were also added gently while retaining the authenticity.

Tipped-off as a place which served quality and value, China Bar grew in popularity pretty quickly. It has attracted many of the local media’s attention, such as the Epicure column of The Age Newspaper, Melbourne Times, and Herald Sun.

Today, an impressive 13 outlets serve up to 30,000 customers per week, spreading the love across the continent. Yet more outlets are in the works. At China Bar, we feel blessed when we are able to bring comfort and joy in the form of food.
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